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  2. Lexical resources
  3. Pronunciation
  4. Relevance
  5. Non-verbal communication: gesture, gesticulation

باید با چهره ، حرکت دستها ، چشم ، نگاه و … اعتماد به نفس و تسلط خود را نشان بدهیم.

Introduction →education



                        →marital status



  • I graduated from “X” university in 2005 and am a B.A. /M.A. holder in the field of economics.
  • I’m a graduate of economics from “X” university and I hold a B.A. /M.A. in the major.
  • I did a B.A. /M.A. in the field of economics in “X” university and my graduation date goes back to 2 years ago when I was 25.
  • I’m doing a B.A. /M.A. in the field of economics in “X” university.
  • Currently, I’m majoring in economics in the B.A. /M.A. level and the name of university is “X” which is located /situated in Mashad and I’m hopefully going to graduate in less than 2 years.



  • I’m currently 25 but within 2 هفته I will turn 26.


  • I have 5 siblings altogether with 2 being my brothers and the rest my sisters.
  • I have 2 elder brothers.
  • I have 2 younger brothers.
  • The last and dearest
  • Next to the last/first
  • Middle child

*از age برای خودتان استفاده نکنید فقط برای دیگران استفاده کنید.

  • I’ve got 2 brothers whose names are Ali and Hesam and are aged 25 and 28 respectively.
  • I have a 55-year old friend.
  • I have a 2-year age different with my sister. *من با خواهرم ۲ سال اختلاف سنی دارم.

Marital status

  • I’m about to divorce my spouse.
  • I’m currently engaged and plan to marry my fiancé in less than/about a year.
  • I’ve been married for 5 years now and I’m fully satisfied and delighted with my current marital life.
  • I’m single/unmarried for the time being but I hope/plan to get married in less than 5 years.
  • I’m single/unmarried for the moment and I do hope to stay this way for good/forever/for my whole life.


  • I hold no job for the time being but I hope to make a perfect. (your job manager) in not a very distant future/in a near future.
  • I make a living as a …………….. امرار معاش می کنم به عنوان یک …
  • I’m currently seeking a job which is/can be relevant to/pertinent to my expertise (specialty).

 به دنبال یک شغل می گردم و …

  • I specialize at doing sth.  من تخصص دارم در …
  • I’m specialized at doing sth.
  • I find myself adequately/sufficiently specialize at …
  • Quite sorrowfully/regrettably, the job I hold at present is hardly relevant to my academic studies/educational background.

Why did you choose this job? →:

  • I chose to go for teaching for two main/major reasons, first is that teaching is adequately relevant/pertinent to my academic background and more importantly it is what I take maximum pleasure doing/I greatly enjoy doing.

  • I have a deep/strong passion for my job=I am passionately interested in my job=I very much thrive on my job.
  • The passport to success in my job is to be as approachable and agreeable as possible to the client and enjoy a high degree to creativity, accountability and perhaps most importantly flexibility.
  • I do sth which is more of an avocation to me than a business or an official career.

*بهترین جمله ای که هنگام ورود در ابتدا باید به … بگوییم:

  • Good afternoon Ma’am/Sir
  • May I take/have a seat?
  • May I be seated?
  • Would you mind if I took/had a seat?

*این برای شروع مکالمه است نه برای خداحافظی:

  • Hello, it’s nice/pleasant/great/fine to meet/see you …
  • Hello, I’m really glad/ delighted/ pleased/ overjoyed/ intrigued to meet/see you…

* برای خداحافظی:

  • Goodbye, It was so nice/pleasant/great/delightful seeing/meeting
  • Goodbye, I really got glad/delighted/pleased/overjoyed meeting you/seeing you/talking to you.

  • May I leave?
  • Do you mind if I leave?
  • Shall I go?



Saying Hello:                                                                                              Saying Goodbye:

  • Hello Goodbye
  • Hi Bye
  • Good Morning …                                                                 Good Night …
  • Aloha Tata
  • How do you do?                               See you
  • What’s up? See you later/ then/ tomorrow/ …
  • How are you doing?             Catch you later
  • How’s it going? So long
  • How’s everything going?
  • How was your day/ job/ work/…?

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